Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Core for Direct Replacement of 3-12.5 Ton Commercial Rooftop Units-The Right Fit


Using the Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Core for Direct Replacement of 3-12.5 Ton Commercial Rooftop Units


As older rooftop units reach the end of their life cycles, building owners have traditionally had two options. They are forced to either install a unit from the same manufacturer to fit an existing curb. Or, they need to install a unit from another manufacturer, but with the increased cost and complexity of using a curb adapter to fit an existing base. Fraser-Johnston® Relia Core rooftops resolve this issue as the “go-to” replacement solution for 3-12.5 ton replacement jobs.


Replacing Competitors with Relia Core

The footprint and design of the Relia Core platform allow for the direct replacement of the Carrier Weather series, Bryant and ICP products that have been in the market since the mid-1980s. The Relia Core rooftop is available in two footprints and multiple efficiency tiers to confidently fill both standard efficiency and advanced building code needs for AC and heat pump applications. Relia Core units not only fit perfectly with many existing unit footprints, but also match up to most gas, electric, and drain fittings.


From a name you trust

Fraser-Johnston® Relia Core commercial rooftop units are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States by Fraser-Johnston®, the name trusted for leadership in the HVAC industry. With Fraser-Johnston® Relia Core rooftops, we deliver comfort with competitive efficiency, hassle-free retrofit applications, customizable features, and class-leading warranties. These features make Fraser-Johnston® Relia Core rooftops the most flexible, dependable solution on the market today.



Relia Core Competitive Replacement Guide

A replacement guide is available to help identify opportunities to use the Relia Core product in a direct replacement application. The guide lists brands and model numbers that can be directly replaced. Click here to download the Core Competitor Matchup. When you’re on the go, there is also a convenient mobile application to find your compatible Relia Core unit.  Search for “Direct Rooftop Replacement” in Google Play or the Apple App Store, and download our easy-to-use competitive compatibility app.


For more information on the Relia Core product line, visit and navigate to the product page in the Offering Catalog tool.