Fraser-Johnston® Homeowner Assistance

Our Home Comfort Experts Are Here to Help

Our Home Comfort Experts Are Here to Help

Your home comfort largely depends on your HVAC system. But, whether it's an HVAC purchase or routine maintenance, there's a lot to think about. That's why our Fraser-Johnston® Contractors are here to support you through selection, installation and maintenance of your Fraser-Johnston® system. 

Review our guides for maintenance and troubleshooting, find manuals and brochures, register your product or find a local Fraser-Johnston® Contractor. 

Your Neighborhood Fraser-Johnston® Contractor

Your Fraser-Johnston® dealer is your around-the-corner expert on Fraser-Johnston® equipment. If you need help scheduling routine maintenance or improving the comfort in your home, our dealer locator can help you get in touch. 

Homeowner Support Resources

YORK® | Maintenance Tips


Helpful tips for inspecting your own home comfort system – including indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment, air handlers, air conditioner/heat pumps and furnaces. 

YORK® | Preservice Checklist

Pre-Service Prep

You can help your Fraser-Johnston® Certified Comfort Expert™ Contractor make maintenance visits fast and productive. Here you'll find tips on what to check and prepare before your contractor visits. 

YORK® | Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Steps

Before making a maintenance call, check this troubleshooting guide for tips on what may be happening with your HVAC system.