Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Core Rooftop Replacement-The Right Fit

Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Core Rooftop Replacement

Approximately 70% of the <15T Rooftop Unit (RTU) market is the replacement of units that have either reached the end of their useful life or, due to changes in the conditioned space, need to be changed to better meet the needs of the application.

Typically, an RTU has a life expectancy of 15 years. An estimated 30% of replacement jobs are on an emergency basis. In these cases, it is important to match the footprint of the old unit as closely as possible to minimize the time, complexity, and cost associated with a transition curb. Not only is footprint important, but the similarity of the utility connections is important. Does electric power connect at the same place on the new unit? If equipped with a gas heater, does the gas connect at the same place on the new unit? How about condensate drains?

In an emergency, it is important to make sure the new unit meets the latest federal, state, and local codes in terms of safety, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Replacement is an optimum time to add features like economizers and supply fan speed controls to save energy. Added filtration of MERV 8 or MERV 13 filters is also an opportune way to quickly enhance the replacement unit.  

Relia Core rooftops are a 3-12.5T RTU platform specifically designed to replace the manufacturer with the largest share in this tonnage range. The Relia Core RTU is a direct footprint replacement for the units indicated in this replacement guide. As a direct replacement, the need for an expensive conversion curb is eliminated.   This is ideal for emergency replacement jobs since the RTU is all that is needed.  

Not only is the Relia Core platform a direct replacement in terms of footprint but the utility connections are a direct match for the units listed in the replacement guide. This makes connecting electricity as well as gas and drain lines simple and easy. 

Download the Direct Rooftop Replacement app from the Apple or Google App Store to make finding the right Relia™ Core direct replacement easier.

Beyond being a great emergency replacement platform, Relia™ Core rooftops are a great value-based competitive package. Please see how to position Core against Carrier and Trane with our battle cards located in Offering Catalog.

For more information on the Relia™ Core product line, visit and navigate to the product page in the Offering Catalog tool.