Replace Old Voyager Units with Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Select Rooftops

Replace old Voyager III units with the high-efficiency Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Select Commercial Rooftop Unit

According to ASHAE, 15 years is the median life expectancy of a packaged Rooftop unit.  After that time period, the building owner should consider the current condition of the unit by asking a few questions:

·       What is the maintenance and repair history? 

·       What are the current utility costs? 

·       What are the projected operating costs and repair costs? 

·       Does the unit have an extended warranty? 

New HVAC products reduce these costs and improve utility and operating costs with updated technology.


Building owners have two options when replacing with new equipment:  the owner can install the same manufacturer to fit an existing curb, or they need to install a unit from another manufacturer. Installing another manufacturer’s unit often has the increased cost and complexity of using a curb adapter to fit an existing base. Fraser-Johnston® Relia Select rooftops resolve this issue as the “go-to” replacement solution for Trane Voyager III jobs.


Relia Select rooftop units allow for direct replacement of the Trane Voyager III units that have been in production for decades. The one exception is that on 27.5-30 ton cabinets, where Trane has a high-heat option, the Relia Select rooftop is actually shorter. This reduction in length can be easily overcome with the curb blankoff kit that is available to fill the extra length the Trane footprint would take. On top of the matching footprint, Relia Select products will give the customer the ability to save money on their monthly utility bills with the high-efficiency Intellispeed or VAV options available.


From a name you trust

Fraser-Johnston® Relia Select commercial rooftop units are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States by Fraser-Johnston®, a name trusted for leadership in the HVAC industry. With Relia Select rooftops, we deliver comfort with competitive efficiency, hassle-free retrofit applications, customizable features, and class-leading warranties. These features make Relia Select rooftops the most flexible, dependable solution on the market today.


Relia Select Competitive Replacement Guide

A replacement guide is available to help identify opportunities to use the Relia™ Select product in a direct replacement application. The guide lists the Trane models along with the Relia™ Select replacement option. Click here to download the Relia™ Select Competitive Replacement Guide. For more information on the Relia™ Select product line, visit and navigate to the product page in the Offering Catalog tool.