Heating Options for Application Flexibility on Select Rooftops

Introducing Modulating Gas Heat on the Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Select 27.5 – 50 Ton Commercial Rooftop Units

To deliver on our promise to grow the Fraser-Johnston® Relia™ Select product line, the Fraser-Johnston® Ducted Systems product team is excited to introduce modulating gas heat. This new option supports our mission to be an industry leader in the 27.5 to 50-ton commercial building space, and is now available to order for all vertical airflow Relia Select rooftops. It will be offered for horizontal airflow models later in 2021.


Heating Options for Application Flexibility

With the addition of the modulating gas heat option, the Relia Select product supports the pillars of remarkable performance and greater flexibility. The product line offers configurations of cooling only, electric heat, and gas heat with multiple options within each category. Electric heat is available in a range of heat sizes, including 36 kW, 54 kW, 72 kW, 90 kW, and 108 kW. Gas heating is now available with the new modulating gas heat option, in addition to the previously offered staged gas heating with low and high heat and an optional stainless steel heat exchanger. The new modulating gas heat option comes with a standard stainless steel heat exchanger and operates with a maximum input equivalent to the high heat staged gas heat option. The 27.5 to 30-ton models with modulating gas heat feature a 4.4 to 1 turndown ratio, and the 35, 40, and 50-ton models feature a turndown of 5.7 to 1.


Modulating Gas Heat Available Now for Relia Select Rooftops

For further information on the new modulating gas heat option for the Relia Select product line, visit www.hvacnavigator.com. This option is available in Selection Navigator and provides easy visibility of unit performance and option pricing. An updated product technical guide is available in the Offering Catalog tool.