Unrivaled Reliability You Can Trust

Your trust in Fraser-Johnston® HVAC is something we take personally. Our well-trained, highly dedicated craftspeople truly care about the lasting dependability of every Fraser-Johnston® HVAC unit that comes off the line. That’s why they build each one as if it were for their own home.

World-Class Quality Close to Home

Exceeding your expectations requires an eye toward the future with a focus on your needs today. So that's why, when it comes to building products for our friends and neighbors, we believe in focusing on quality at every stage, with every product. And it's why we closely monitor and improve processes that impact quality. Because it takes more than just metal and circuitry to make a Fraser-Johnston® heating and cooling unit – it takes people of integrity and an ongoing dedication to quality.

Skill and Expertise

These are the essential components of craftsmanship. Combined with passion and commitment, these characteristics describe our unparalleled team of artisans and skilled technicians. Focused on delivering the very best, we use the latest equipment and technology in state-of-the-art facilities. Never settling for “good enough,” we believe in taking the extra steps and doing things right – because we know you’re depending on us.

To ensure continued quality excellence, Johnson Controls, the parent company of Fraser-Johnston®, created the Ducted Systems Academy. An industry-leading HVAC training facility, Ducted Systems Academy offers commercial and residential training that includes in-person or virtual classes covering all aspects of the HVAC industry. Thanks to Ducted Systems Academy, Fraser-Johnston® HVAC technicians are some of the most knowledgeable, capable and professional in the industry.

Proven Performance

With investments in industry-leading research and development, we deliver a wide range of products built with world-class quality. In fact, we put Fraser-Johnston® HVAC home comfort systems through performance and durability testing that is unparalleled in the industry, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort, backed by the no-nonsense reliability you expect.

Commitment also requires investment. That's why Johnson Controls recently invested in expanded testing facilities and in growing its U.S. workforce, ensuring Fraser-Johnston® HVAC products and Fraser-Johnston® HVAC professionals continue to lead the industry.

Speak with an Expert

Our Certified Comfort Experts are highly trained in home heating and cooling needs, and can provide you with a personalized solution that's right for your home.

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