JMVT Constant CFM, Modular Air Handler

Designed for upflow, downflow or horizontal left or right applications

Price Range $$$
Efficiency Range Best
Sound Levels Best
Warranties Limited 5-Year Warranty on all covered components. This product may be eligible for a 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty with product registration.
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A Flexible Design That Provides Robust Airflow

The variable-speed technology of the Fraser-Johnston® JMVT Constant-CFM, Modular Air Handler circulates air throughout your home quietly and precisely, providing maximum comfort and minimized power consumption. These next-generation, high-efficiency, variable-speed modular air handlers allow the flexibility to handle challenging applications. These versatile ECM blowers may be used for upflow, downflow or horizontal left or right applications.
A Flexible Design That Provides Robust Airflow


  • Composite, low-water-retention drain pans reduce the possibility of mold or bacteria buildup
  • Standard multi-position provides everything needed for upflow, downflow or horizontal left or right applications
  • Built-in filter rack accepts 1.0" disposable and cleanable air filters and features sliding latch design for quick and easy access
  • Compatible with a communicating system featuring the Hx™3 Touch Screen Thermostat, the Universal Thermostat Adapter or for pairing with select conventional thermostats
  • Less than 2% air leakages at 1.0" esp. ensures only conditioned air moves through your home
  • 8HK electric heater kits can be used as stand-alone electric furnaces


Precise, Consistent Temperatures

A next-generation, high-efficiency constant CFM blower delivers increased airflow and reduces blower watts by 10% using a standard ECM motor.

Smart Controls

Communication-capable JMVT works with conventional thermostats or the Fraser-Johnston® Hx™3 Touch-screen Thermostat.

Lower Energy Bills

Efficient performance uses up to 80% less electricity than blowers found in older conventional equipment.

Confidence Guaranteed

A 10-year Parts Limited Warranty ensures years of dependability with industry-leading quality.


With a Fraser-Johnston® residential system, comfort is more than a feeling – it’s a promise. Because Fraser-Johnston® home comfort systems are built to the highest standards and backed by the best warranties.
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Technical Specification

Comfort Technologies Match your regions unique climate with GeoTrak technology for advanced comfort | Constant CFM motor technology | Compatible with WiFi enabled Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System Coil MaxAlloy™ Coil
Fan Motor Variable-speed premium ECM fan motor Tonnage Range 1.5-5 Tons
Parts Warranty Code 10-year Parts Limited Warranty* Control Options Communicating or Conventional
*To receive the extended 10-year parts warranty or premium system warranty for qualifying units, you must register online at Registration must be completed within 90 days of installation or 90 days of the closing date for new home construction. Failure to register online within 90 days results in a standard 5-year parts warranty. Failure to return the registration card does not affect rights under the standard warranty.