TC3 13 SEER Single Stage Air Conditioner

Compact, basic cooling optimized for northern U.S. and Canadian climates.

Price Range $
Efficiency Range Up to 15 SEER
Sound Levels As low as 74 dBA
Warranties 10-year compressor, 10-year parts
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Real-world Testing for Proven Performance

The Fraser-Johnston® LX Series TC3 13 SEER Single-stage Air Conditioner provides reliable operation that meets your needs and fits your budget. With robust compressor technology that's been proven in our extreme, accelerated-wear test facility, its compact cabinet fits advanced performance in less space. A direct-drive fan design minimizes vibration and sound for quiet comfort you can count on. The TC3 air conditioner is optimized for ideal performance in northern US and Canadian climates.
Real-world Testing for Proven Performance


  • Optimized for northern US and Canadian climates
  • Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5-year accelerated-wear test facility
  • Single-and-three-phase models available (TCD)
  • Improved alloy microchannel coil provides more performance in less space


Lower Cost Of Ownership

13 SEER cooling efficiency provides notable energy savings versus an older 10 SEER system.

Environmentally Friendly

The TC3 uses R-410A refrigerant, which doesn't harm the ozone.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Most indoor air quality accessories match this unit for improved indoor environments.

Confidence Guaranteed

Industry-leading warranties ensure years of dependability

Technical Specification

Coil MicroChannel coil technology Compressor Type Single-stage Scroll Compressor
Tonnage Range 1.5-5 Tons SEER Range Up to 15 SEER
Parts Warranty Code 10-year Parts Limited Warranty* Warranty Other Compressor Warranty: 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty*
Position Single-phase and three-phase available Control Options Conventional
*All warranties require online registration within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, warranties revert as follows:
Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty – 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty; Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty – 20-year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty; 10-year Parts Limited Warranty – 5-year Parts Limited Warranty; 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty – 5-year Compressor Limited Warranty
Three-phase models have 5-year Compressor and 1-year Parts Limited Warranties. Three-phase models do not qualify for the 10-year Parts Limited Warranty.