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Why Hire the Pros?

Replacing your HVAC filter is pretty easy. And if you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, you might be tempted to diagnose and repair heating and cooling system issues on your own. But these are precision-engineered pieces of equipment that carry risks like high voltages, high temperatures, dangerous chemicals and moving parts. Aside from changing the filter, it's dangerous to repair your system or install your own parts, and it shouldn't be attempted. Doing so may also void the warranty.

  • Contractors can purchase and install Fraser-Johnston® genuine parts, meaning your job gets done faster and more reliably.
  • Fraser-Johnston® genuine parts are backed by a two-year factory warranty.
  • Any effort to repair or modify internal components yourself may void the warranty.

Connect With a Dealer

Your best resource for HVAC parts and equipment is right around the corner. By calling your neighborhood Fraser-Johnston® dealer instead of trying to repair your system yourself, they can help maintain your warranty while they get your system running properly as fast as possible. Use our dealer locator page to find your local dealer. 

Speak with an Expert

Our Certified Comfort Experts are highly trained in home heating and cooling needs, and can provide you with a personalized solution that's right for your home.

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For Contractor or Technician Professionals

Are you a contractor or technician servicing a Fraser-Johnston® residential system? Contact your nearest Fraser-Johnston® distributor for expert advice and access to Source 1™ Parts. Source 1™ Parts is the exclusive supplier of service parts and accessories for all Fraser-Johnston® residential and light commercial HVAC equipment, as well as universal HVAC replacement parts, supplies and accessories. With factory-authorized components, you can be confident the equipment you service will continue to run reliably for years to come.
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  • Air Distribution
  • Blowers and Accessories
  • Burners and Assemblies
  • Chemicals and Lubricants
  • Compressors and Components
  • Condensate Equipment
  • Condenser Pads and Covers
  • Electrical Components
  • Heat Exchangers/Coils
  • Heaters, TXVs and Starter Kits
  • Heating Components
  • Thermostats and Controls
  • Line Sets, Pipes and Fittings
  • Installation Accessories
  • Miscellaneous OEM
  • Motors and Accessories
  • Refrigerant Accessories

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Repair or Replace: Replacing Existing Equipment

Find out how to get replacement parts for Fraser-Johnston® residential equipment here.


Troubleshooting Steps

Before making a maintenance call, check this troubleshooting guide for tips on what may be happening with your HVAC system.